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Life Skills eLearning modules (courses) are designed to work best when you have access to a computer with the correct specified computer settings.

This guide is to provide some basic troubleshooting hints should you experience any problems accessing the modules and some advise so you can get the most from your online learning experience.

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Getting Started

Basic Troubleshooting


Still encountering technical problems?

Not found your answer within the content of this page? Submit a ticket request by filling in our Support Form below with your contact details and query.

Suggested time requirements

Make sure you have allowed yourself sufficient time to devote to the modules. While the learning is self-paced (you can complete over a number of sessions), you may experience enhanced learning when completing each module in a single session.

Minimum system set up and software requirements

Enable sound (in Windows OS) – For the modules to function properly it is essential in Windows operating systems to ensure sound is enabled.  The Flash technology used in the modules depends on interaction with this sound feature.  You can turn off the sound directly from your PC by clicking on the sound icon on your screen.

Operating Systems (OS) – Life Skills modules are developed to operate on both Windows and Apple operating systems. A Windows OS version no earlier than Windows XP for PC users, and no lower than Mac OS X v10.6 for Apple Mac is required.

Browsers – Life Skills requires using the latest Internet browsers for maximum performance and usability across our courses. Life Skills minimum browser requirements are as follows. (Explorer v7+, Firefox v6+, Safari v5+, Google Chrome v4+)

Browser settings – Please ensure browser setting options are set to:

Adobe Flash Player – Life Skills courses use the Adobe Flash plug-in within the browser to give the user an immersive interactive learning experience. To make full use of the courses’ media content Life Skills recommends using the latest versions of the Flash Plug-in. Minimum requirements are as follows: Adobe Flash player (v10.2+). Update your version at 

Adobe Reader – Adobe Reader 8 or higher must be installed.

High-speed internet (minimum ADLS connection) is required

A work email account at a Bupa-approved participating company (for self-registering users) is required.

Life Skills cannot guarantee performance and does not support courses on systems with lower or older specifications than the recommended minimum requirements above.


Basic Troubleshooting

I can’t log in

If all the usual checks are in place (caps lock, correct password protocol, etc), there may be a mismatch with the registration information provided, or your account may have been deactivated due to multiple password change requests. Please contact providing both your work email address and username. We will reset password and promptly advise when login is ready.

The module doesn’t load

If the module is not loading, it is most likely to be a Flash version issue. Check your latest version or reinstall visiting Please also ensure your sound is enabled(in Windows OS). See minimum system and set up requirements for further information.

The module is very slow to load

While the program is hosted on a fast server, bandwidths vary and therefore download times during participation may be slowed depending on your computer and broadband access. We recommend a minimum ADSL connection. If multiple users are accessing simultaneously, it is possible, depending on your connection, that you may experience some slowness.

I can’t download my PDF resource documents

Some browsers handle the opening of a PDF attachment as an unwanted ‘pop-up’ and prevent this action using a pop-up blocker.

To check and/or disable your pop-up blocker, choose one of the following steps depending on your browser. This may involve two steps if you have Google Toolbar installed:

If you are unable to perform any of the above steps, you may be working within company-wide security restrictions. You may need to consult your IT representative to create an exception for your computer or to add as trusted sites.

My screen has frozen

In rare instances, slides may freeze due to limited available memory in the computer, multiple applications running or extremely rapid clicking while moving forward or backward through the training (or combination of all these factors). If this occurs, simply close the window and reopen the module. It should prompt you to return to the slide you last visited, and the issue will be resolved. Please also ensure your sound is enabled (in Windows OS). If sound is disabled this may cause the module to freeze.

Still having problems?

The following should be checked if you are continuing to experience problems.

Click on each link to instructions on how to check these settings:

Add a Trusted Website

You may need to add the Life Skills website as a trusted site on your internet browser:

  1. Open up Internet Explorer to add a trusted site.
  2. Click on the Tools menu
  3. Click on Internet Options
  4. Click on the Security tab
  5. Click on Trusted sites
  6. Click on the Sites button
  7. This displays the Trusted sites dialog box. You can type in websites that you trust will not damage your computer in the Add this Web site to the zone box.

  8. Type in the Add this Web site to the zone box
  9. By default, Internet Explorer only allows you to add websites that use a secure connection, which are site addresses that begin with a prefix of https://.

    You can remove this requirement for websites that you are sure can be trusted.

  10. Click to clear the Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone checkbox
  11. Click on the Add button
  12. Click on the OK button

Check and update your Adobe Flash Player version

  1. To check your version of Adobe Flash Player, open the browser you intend using for Life Skills and visit
  2. This link goes to the Adobe website which checks the version of Adobe Flash Player currently running on your computer. You need a version of 10.2 or higher for the modules to work correctly.

  3. If the version of Adobe Flash Player is lower than 10.2, you will need to download the latest version at
  4. If you experience an error installing or are prevented from installing, you may be restricted by company-wide security settings. Consult with an IT representative at your company to assist with the installation.

Check your Internet Browser Version

Life Skills uses specialised code to capture your interactions and enhance your learning experience. A compatible browser version is important for this interactivity to work. If you are using Internet Explorer, check that your version is 7.x or higher.

  1. Open your Internet Explorer
  2. Select the Help menu
  3. Select About Internet Explorer
  4. Note the version for your PC. You need a version of v7.x or above.
  5. If your version is below v7.x, you will need to upgrade it to the latest version from the Microsoft site:
  6. If you are unable to install or experience an error, you may be restricted by company-wide security settings. Consult with your IT representative to assist with the installation.

Disable the Pop-Up Blocker in Microsoft Internet Explorer

To check and/or disable your pop-up blocker, choose one of the following steps depending on your browser.

  1. Open Internet Explorer (if you’re using another browser, see further below)
  2. Select the Tools menu
  3. Point the mouse to the Pop-up Blocker option. This displays the Pop-up Blocker submenu
  4. Click on the Turn Off Pop-up Blocker option

Other browsers:

Disable the Pop-up Blocker on the Google Toolbar

If you have the Google Toolbar display you may also need to disable the Pop-up Blocker in Google Toolbar for PDF resources to download.

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Select the Google logo in the toolbar
  3. Select Options
  4. Select Browsing tab
  5. Uncheck Pop-up blocker


Can the program be accessed from home?

Yes, provided you have first registered, or been provided with a username/password. Once registered, you can access Life Skills from other computers anywhere, provided these are non-mobile devices installed with the minimum software requirements above. Your last visited slide in the modules will still be available to access when you log in using other computers.

If you are logging in on another computer and the module is not loading, it is most likely to be a Flash version issue. Check your latest version or reinstall visiting

Can I change my own password?

Yes. On the login page there is a forgot password option that temporarily resets your password and gives you the option to change it. These steps involve email verification using the email account on which you have been registered.

Can I give someone else my login to view the training?

We do not recommend this.

Can I revisit the module after I’ve fully completed?

Yes. Once your progress bar has reached 100% you will have the opportunity to revisit the completed module, provided your company or organisation is still within the agreed access period.

Can I access using an iPad?

No. The current version of Life Skills is built using Flash technology and is therefore not compatible with iPad. You can access the training site but the modules will not open.

Do I need sound?

Life Skills uses voiceover to enhance the learning experience and user engagement. Please ensure your sound is enabled(in Windows OS). If you do not wish to use sound, simply click on the sound icon with in the module. In shared work environments, we recommend using headphones.

Do I have to complete in one session?

No. The modules are self-paced, meaning you can complete over intervals of time. When you re-open the module, it will prompt you to go to your last visited slide so you can pick up where you left off.

Will it affect my bandwidth or download limit?

While the total module download size is roughly 50MB per module, the module loads one slide at a time to prevent delays and bandwidth issues. While the program is hosted on a fast server, bandwidths vary and therefore download times during participation may be compromised depending on your computer, web traffic and your web host. We recommend a minimum ADSL connection.

Do I need email? What will be emailed to me?

There are some activities in the modules that send content to your specified email address to reinforce the learning. These communications are optional, and you will have the opportunity to decline or specify an alternative recipient address. It is not essential to read the email content in order to complete the module or the assessment component.

All users will receive a completion email once reaching the end of a module, and some users may receive a welcome email containing a unique username and password. These are issued to the registering work email address.

I am not receiving any emails. Where are they?

Some mail applications handle the receiving of emails from a new or unfamiliar sender as spam, and may divert these messages to your spam or junk folder. On locating these diverted messages, most mail applications will give you the option to accept all messages from this sender.

I am experiencing audio overlap. Why and how do I resolve?

Some computers, due to available memory, other applications open and earlier versions of Flash, may play overlapped audio during the module. This is most likely to occur when moving rapidly forward and backward through the slides. If this happens, simply close the module and reopen. You will be prompted to pick up where you left off, and the issue should be resolved.

What happens to the answers I enter and other information I provide during the activities. Does anyone see this?

There are some activities in the modules that invite you to enter personal information as an optional exercise. You have the option to send this information via email to yourself as a reminder or reinforcement. This information is only transmitted to the address you provide and is not captured and stored in the database, nor sent to any other unspecified recipient.

There are also some surveys and quizzes during the module(s) you may interact with. To protect your privacy, answers and inputs during these activities are aggregated (not individually tagged) company-wide to provide Bupa and its participating partners and client companies with an overall indication of the program’s effectiveness and performance. None of your personal information will be disclosed or used in a way that would identify you.

For more information, refer to the Privacy, Security and Health Information that form the Terms & Conditions agreed to on entry to the module. This is also embedded in the module player.

Privacy, Health & Copyright Policy

If you have checked all of your settings, read the FAQ’s above and are still encountering technical problems, please fill in the form below and submit with your query details.

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