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Uncover some helpful strategies for managing work-life balance and help restore a sense of harmony and satisfaction.

Find a healthy balance

Our life journey takes us through many different stages, states and situations. It brings us into contact with other people at home, and work and in our communities. At every twist and turn, we impact our health. Life Skills is dedicated to helping to keep you informed, empowered and supported as you make decisions that connect the world around you with your worlds of wellbeing. This includes your mental health, your family, your relationships, your work life and your physical health.

Life is a learning experience. Bring to life the learning experiences in Life Skills.

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Introduction to Stress and Resilience

Be better equipped to prevent, manage or reduce stress in your life – at work or at home. This learning experience can help build your awareness around stress, its causes and impacts, while providing practical strategies to build resilience and the ability to get through stressful situations.

Understanding Mental Health Issues in Your People

To fulfil your responsibility to look after the wellbeing of your people, it's vital that you understand the key concepts of mental health: the conditions, issues, signs and symptoms. This module covers all you need to know in simple language, including some helpful communication tips for ensuring a positive outcome.

Managing Staff with Mental Health Issues

Can you confidently manage and support a colleague experiencing a mental health issue? This module provides helpful, expert advice in having the appropriate conversations and taking the right steps to ensure you increase the chances of the person's recovery, respect their rights and minimise risk to your organisation.